· Casting Elbow for Industry Use [2014-05-14 click:0]
Export Markets: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe [Read the whole]
· Casting Screwed Fittings (SS CLASS 150) [2014-05-08 click:19]
Casting Screwed Fittings (SS CLASS 150)-hebei reaguan international co.,ltd [Read the whole]
· Forged Steel Screwed and Sw Pipe Fittings [2014-05-08 click:24]
Forged Steel Screwed and Sw Pipe Fittings-hebei reaguan international co.,ltd [Read the whole]
· Daily News Briefs [2014-02-26 click:50]
ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduces the new Aristo RT line of robotic torches, designed for world-class performance in single arc or tandem applications The Aristo RT range of robotic torches work with three different prod [Read the whole]
· Finite Element Analysis of Bolted Flange Connections [2014-02-26 click:30]
A method of engineering design known as finite-element analysis (FEA) has progressed rapidly in recent years Traditionally, it is used by structural or mechanical engineers to analyze the stresses or flows of fluids in equipment [Read the whole]
· "Assembly Having a Flange" in Patent Application Approval Process [2014-02-26 click:32]
By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Politics & Government Week -- A patent application by the inventor Freund, Wolfgang (Gelsenkirchen, DE), filed on April 13, 2012, was made available online on February 6, 2014, according [Read the whole]
· Don't Let Your Trash Pumps Down [2014-02-26 click:29]
A trash pump& 39;s life is not glamorous In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a piece of equipment whose duties are more humble Because the nature of their work requires them to take a lot of abuse, trash pumps can [Read the whole]
· BP, Having Cut Leaking Pipe, Will Try To Cap It With 'Top Hat' Later Today [2014-02-26 click:36]
BP has cut the bent riser pipe off the top of the blowout preventer on the oil wellhead at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, national incident commander for the oil spill response, announced [Read the whole]
· BP To Lower Cap Over Gulf Oil Gusher After Shearing Pipe [2014-02-26 click:31]
In the latest of a string of feeble attempts to stem oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, BP has used giant shears to cut a damaged pipe and is now faced with the more difficult task of lowering a cap over the spill In [Read the whole]
· BP Oil Pipe Cap Design [2014-02-26 click:20]
Attached are conceptual drawings of a cap assembly for the BP Gulf Oil Leak I am submitting for an open engineering review with the hope that it will generate ideas for an improved cap design that can stop the oil leak wi [Read the whole]